University Shakha: Creating a Regular and Sustained Cultural Experience

Hindu YUVA organizes weekly gatherings, called shakha, at 20+ universities across the country. Students gain knowledge about Hindu Dharma not just by listening to presentations or reading books, but by immersing themselves in firsthand experience: by doing yoga, playing games, having intellectually stimulating discussions, and doing community service projects around campus.

Speaker on Campus: Bringing the Relevant Knowledge of Hindu Culture to Universities

Hindu YUVA organizes Speaker on Campus, a lecture series designed to raise awareness about Hindu philosophy, practices, and their applicability in current times. This program brings eminent speakers to university campuses to present on topics such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and various aspects of Hindu philosophy. The Speaker on Campus program has been conducted across the country for the past seven years at more than 80 universities.

Yuva Sangam: A Confluence of Young Minds

Yuva Sangams are day-long or weekend retreats that bring together young Hindus and help them connect to their Hindu roots. Activities include games, yoga, team-building workshops, and discussions on challenges and opportunities faced by young Hindus in America. Last year, five regional Yuva Sangams were held around the country.

Yuva for Sewa: Opportunity to Create Positive Change

Yuva for Sewa provides young people with an opportunity to volunteer their time to help the disadvantaged. Projects throughout the US, India, and the Caribbean are designed for building leadership and teamwork, empowering visionaries, and providing firsthand experience in helping the community. Last summer, five student volunteers dedicated a few weeks to service projects as diverse as microfinance, slum development, and teaching English.

Leadership Development Camps: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Week-long leadership development camps are organized to help young Hindus realize and prepare for exceptional leadership roles. These intensive and fun-filled training camps build confidence, instill a sense of social service, promote leadership qualities, and help build a strong network of like-minded youth. 

Tattva: A Hindu Magazine for Youth

Tattva is a unique Hindu magazine which provides a way to present inspiring aspects of the ancient Hindu culture and related current day issues while also offering the readers a forum to share ideas. During the last 3 years, Tattva has grown from a handful of readers and contributors to reach an audience of 2,500 readers in 18 countries, with contributing articles from all over the world.