Article on Hindu YUVA efforts to help students during pandemic

Los Angeles, 4/19/2020:

Rhydhima Raj Ji who graduated last year from the University of California, Los Angeles came across Hindu YUVA’s COVID-19 student support network helpline and was able to get the necessary assistance in these hours of crisis after which she penned her experience in an article in Medium. Hindu YUVA partnered with Bharatiyam, Vivekananda House and SEWA International to help fellow Indian Students.

Hindu YUVA is happy to share the article lauding the efforts by Bharatiyam and Hindu YUVA teams to help students across the USA during the pandemic. According to Rhydhima “… are also helping students like me by providing us with temporary accommodations, food/ groceries, counseling, and talking to parents back home and providing them with reassurance as to our safety. Dr. Desai spoke to my parents in Mumbai, India and they were happy to know I am not alone during this crisis”. Click here for the full article.