What is Hindu YUVA?

One out of every six people follows what is broadly termed the Hindu way of life, encompassing religion, culture, and heritage. Hindu YUVA is about giving an immersive and experiential exposure of the Hindu way of life to the campus community in a friendly and positive atmosphere. We encourage maintaining a Hindu cultural identity in harmony with the larger community.

What does YUVA stand for? 

YUVA stands for Youth for Unity, Virtues and Action, but also means youth in Sanskrit. It conveys our vision and mission in a succinct manner. 

What are some of the activities of Hindu YUVA?

Hindu YUVA conducts a structured weekly program of physical and mental activity to develop a member’s character and leadership skills by emphasizing values such as self-discipline, self-confidence, and the spirit of selfless service. These weekly activities include yoga, team games, discussions, and workshops related to Hindu Dharma. Other activities organized by Hindu YUVA include celebrating Hindu festivals, lectures, and seminars on Hindu Dharma, temple trips, and Sewa (service) activities.

Are there any special initiatives of Hindu YUVA?

Yes, we have a full list of our initiatives here!

Is there any membership fee?

There is no membership fee.

I’m not very religious. Can I still participate in Hindu YUVA activities?

Yes. Our activities include yoga, games, discussions (not necessarily based on religion), celebrating festivals, events to spread awareness about our culture and religion, and service to the local and international community. You are free to participate in one or more of these activities depending on your interest.

I’m not a Hindu, can I still come?

Anyone who is willing to participate in and enjoy our activities is welcome to join us.

What kind of time commitment is required to be part of Hindu YUVA?

It entirely depends on your level of involvement in the organization. Weekly meetings run from 1-2 hours depending on the chapter; However, if you are interested in being part of organizing various events of Hindu YUVA, you are welcome to devote more time!

What other activities can we do in Hindu YUVA?

We can do any activity in Hindu YUVA as long as it is in harmony with our overall vision and mission. For specific questions related to any activities, please contact a Hindu YUVA coordinator.

How is Hindu YUVA different from other Hindu and/or Indian student organizations on campus?

Unlike many Hindu or Indian student organizations, our purpose isn’t merely to spread awareness. We meet once a week to create a cultural experience. We focus on gaining knowledge about Hinduism not just by listening to presentations or reading books but also immersing ourselves in the firsthand experience by doing yoga, playing games, and having intellectually stimulating discussions.

Our activities put a lot of emphasis on team building, leadership qualities, and character development. The idea is not to merely organize events but to be the agents of change by developing essential personality traits such as physical and intellectual abilities, interpersonal skills, leading by example, and developing empathy for others regardless of background.

Is Hindu YUVA affiliated with any other organization?

Hindu YUVA is a student program of HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh), a community-based organization. Visit www.hssus.org for more information about HSS.

What is Speaker on Campus (SoC)?

Speaker on Campus is a unique project of Hindu YUVA that exposes the university intelligentsia to the Hindu religion, philosophy, culture, and contributions in various fields through acclaimed masters of the subject. A number of speakers who are well-known experts in their fields travel across many different campuses across the US mostly during the fall season, presenting their topic of study in front of the university audience. These programs are organized with the help of local Hindu YUVA chapters (or other interested student groups or departments) active on campus. Since 2007, the program has covered more than 80 different campuses across the United States.

How do I start a chapter?

Starting a Hindu YUVA chapter is a great way to spread awareness about Hindu Dharma on campus, meet new people, and develop our own leadership and organizational skills. Below are some downloadable resources to help get the chapter started. If you are interested in starting a Hindu YUVA chapter at your university, contact us for more resources.