Ganesh Utsav in Sacramento, California – Fall 2019

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University, 9/2/2019:

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University celebrated Ganesh Utsav for 5 days. Festivals play an essential part in every Indian’s life irrespective of wherever they go around the globe. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very important festival in India. Being away from your homeland and family, festivals are the only thing that completes us in a foreign land. Through festivals, it helps every individual to collaborate with everyone for the event and work as a team. The response we got from all the students was overwhelming as they were attending the Ganpati Aarti twice a day in tremendous numbers. We organized “Mahaprasad” for which guests living nearby Sacramento had also come. It was really tough to bid “Bappa” adieu on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi, but we made sure that we do not pollute the river by immersing the idol.

This event was organized by the same HY team but at this time the Hindu Yuva chapter at Sacramento State was under construction.
All team meetings, planning, construction, and registration for organizations happened during this festival time.

We arranged and celebrated the Ganesh Festival from 09/02/2019 to 09/06/2019.

The event was hosted by Mihir Mahajan at his apartment, as at this time, Hindu Yuva was not established on campus. The location turned out to be successful as 90% Indian student community of Sacramento state is located in the same complex.

* Ghatastapana (Bappa’s warm welcome)
* Daily morning and evening aarti
* Daily prasad prepared every time by different volunteers/students/roommate groups.
* Daily 30-40 students attended evening aarti.
*On 5th September 2019, we arranged Mahaprasad(dinner) for all neighborhood friends and family.
*sponsored by few Sacramento State Indian alumni and food prepared by “Sanskrit New Age Indian Restaurant, Folsom”
*(RSVP 148)but approx 160+ ppl attended the event on Mahaprasad day.
*70+student attended Ganpati Visarjan rally.

The event was very successful and even more grand than the previous year. Ganesh Utsav 2020 will definitely be a grand on-campus event hosted by Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University.