Los Angeles, 4/19/2020:

Rhydhima Raj Ji who graduated last year from the University of California, Los Angeles came across Hindu YUVA’s COVID-19 student support network helpline and was able to get the necessary assistance in these hours of crisis after which she penned her experience in an article in Medium. Hindu YUVA partnered with Bharatiyam, Vivekananda House and SEWA International to help fellow Indian Students.

Hindu YUVA is happy to share the article lauding the efforts by Bharatiyam and Hindu YUVA teams to help students across the USA during the pandemic. According to Rhydhima “… are also helping students like me by providing us with temporary accommodations, food/ groceries, counseling, and talking to parents back home and providing them with reassurance as to our safety. Dr. Desai spoke to my parents in Mumbai, India and they were happy to know I am not alone during this crisis”. Click here for the full article.

Hindu YUVA at Illinois Wesleyan University, 4/8/20:

IWU Hindu Yuva participated in this year’s university theme of “Fact vs. Fiction” by giving an hour-long presentation to the Interfaith group on campus about basics of Sanatan Dharma, dispelling misconceptions, and answering commonly asked questions. A wide range of topics were talked about, including cyclic concepts, Purusharthas, Ayurveda, sexuality, Varnas, and even Kama Sutra. Sankhya was approximately 20, mostly students but also some staff/faculty members.

Hindu Yuva at UT Dallas & UT Arlington, 2/21/20:

Hindu YUVA UT Dallas and UT Arlington celebrated Shivratri after the Yuva shakha at one of the Yuva’s apartment closer to the university campus. Around 30 Yuvas participated in the abhishekam and chanted Shri Rudram which lasted for an hour.

Hindu YUVA at The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2/21/20:

Hindu YUVA UWGB hosted a Surya Namaskar Yogathon where we taught students how to perform Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) step-by-step with the correct form and breathing sequence for each pose. We challenged every student to complete at least 10 Sun Salutations and every student reached the goal (most went above and beyond!). Students enjoyed learning how to do the Surya Namaskar and some students who had done it before learned the correct breathing sequence for each pose. Afterward, every student was given a hard copy of the Sun Salutation steps with pictures.

Hindu YUVA at UT Dallas & UT Arlington, 2/7/20:

Hindu YUVA at the University of Texas at Dallas and Hindu YUVA at the University of Texas at Arlington organized a Suswagatham event to welcome new and existing members of Hindu YUVA for the Spring Semester of 2020. An introduction to Hindu YUVA, a wide range of games, and food were the main attractions of the event.

Hindu Yuva at UT Dallas & UT Arlington, 1/31/20:

Hindu YUVA UT Dallas and UT Arlington organized a Surya Namaskar Yagna where 40 Yuva’s participated and did more than 2000 Surya namaskars.

Hindu YUVA at Iowa State University, 12/7/19:

Hindu YUVA at Iowa State University hosted a Ganesh Utsav on December 7th, 2019. There were many activities such as Games, Music, Puja, Food, and Make-My-Ganesha, where participants could make their own Ganesh Murti out of clay.

Hindu YUVA at George Mason University, 2/9/20:

Hindu YUVA GMU hosted kite flying as well as some other games for our Sankranti festival. There was also catered food afterward where we got to meet some GMU students. Overall it was a good event for our first one, but more outreach would have made it better. We now know of many better ways to do outreach so we’ll implement those for future events.

Hindu Yuva at The University of Texas at Dallas, 11/29/19:

Hindu YUVA UT Dallas cooked lunch at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD) is keeping families together, inspiring strength, and giving love and support to families whose children are receiving essential medical care. 12 of our YUVA’s cook and served food to 60+ patients and hospital staff.

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University, 11/24/19:

“Thirty-one seconds”- that’s how much time a recruiter spends on a resume review before deciding whether to put it in the yes or no stack. A professional resume has to hit a lot of marks, which can feel overwhelming for students. In order to shed some light on the complexities of a professional resume, we organized this Resume Critique Workshop.

The workshop was held at Cottonwood Suite in the Union Building at Sacramento State University on November 24th, 2019 from 11:00 am-1:30 pm. The chief guest was the Managing Director at Deloitte, Mr. Umesh Jadhav, and his former colleague, Mr. Rajkumar, who owns a tech consultancy company and is one of Deloitte’s consultants. Mr. Jadhav’s detailed guidelines included how to draft resume content and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression as well as industry expectations and guidelines for searching for a job.

After Mr. Jadhav’s detailed guidance, we proceeded to one on one sessions of the workshop, where Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rajkumar spent the remaining time meeting with students one by one to critique their resumes. These interesting one on one sessions were extended well past the official hours of the event, as Mr. Jadhav wanted to give quality time to each student for detailed feedback on their resumes. So, due to popular demand, we extended the event beyond the scheduled hours in the common student lounge just outside the event hall.

This was our first Hindu Yuva event at Sacramento State University after the chapter was established and was successful beyond our expectations.