Hindu YUVA at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 9/26/2019:

Hindu YUVA UIUC organized a Speaker on Campus event. Sumedha Verma Ojha visited our campus to give a talk about the status of women in Hindu culture. After two decades in the Indian Revenue Service, Sumedha Verma Ojha now follows her passion, Ancient India; Writing and speaking across the world on ancient Indian history, society, women, religion and the epics.

Hindu YUVA at Rutgers University, 9/11/2019:

Hindu YUVA at Rutgers University celebrated our first event, Ganesh Utsav with puja, aarti, and a talk by Santhosh Ji Prabhu and the dhol and dances for visarjan. Undergraduate and graduate students of Rutgers University were present and we had dhol played by a masters student for the visarjan procession. Santhosh Ji talked about Hindu YUVA and Samuhik Ganesh Utsav. A lot of new students showed interest in helping us with future events and joining Hindu YUVA at Rutgers.

Hindu YUVA at Illinois Wesleyan University, 9/8/19:

Hindu Yuva IWU organized a field trip to the Hindu Temple of Central Illinois for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. This was one of the multiple field trips that the Interfaith group on campus does, with the theme of this year being “community.” Students outside of Interfaith and Hindu Yuva also joined. The field trip consisted of participating in the Visarjan celebrations, learning about the basics of Sanatan Dharma and Ganesh Chaturthi, eating a traditional Maharashtrian meal, and getting a tour of the Mandir. The students had an amazing experience and loved the enthusiasm of the Hindu community, especially the exciting naras yelled by the young children.

Hindu YUVA at Ohio State University, 9/7/2019:

Hindu YUVA OSU celebrated Ganesh Utsav. The event celebrated the wonderful festival of Ganesh Chaturthi by having an aarti, cultural performances, and talk focused on stories of Ganesha and great food!

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University, 9/2/2019:

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University celebrated Ganesh Utsav for 5 days. Festivals play an essential part in every Indian’s life irrespective of wherever they go around the globe. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very important festival in India. Being away from your homeland and family, festivals are the only thing that completes us in a foreign land. Through festivals, it helps every individual to collaborate with everyone for the event and work as a team. The response we got from all the students was overwhelming as they were attending the Ganpati Aarti twice a day in tremendous numbers. We organized “Mahaprasad” for which guests living nearby Sacramento had also come. It was really tough to bid “Bappa” adieu on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi, but we made sure that we do not pollute the river by immersing the idol.

This event was organized by the same HY team but at this time the Hindu Yuva chapter at Sacramento State was under construction.
All team meetings, planning, construction, and registration for organizations happened during this festival time.

We arranged and celebrated the Ganesh Festival from 09/02/2019 to 09/06/2019.

The event was hosted by Mihir Mahajan at his apartment, as at this time, Hindu Yuva was not established on campus. The location turned out to be successful as 90% Indian student community of Sacramento state is located in the same complex.

* Ghatastapana (Bappa’s warm welcome)
* Daily morning and evening aarti
* Daily prasad prepared every time by different volunteers/students/roommate groups.
* Daily 30-40 students attended evening aarti.
*On 5th September 2019, we arranged Mahaprasad(dinner) for all neighborhood friends and family.
*sponsored by few Sacramento State Indian alumni and food prepared by “Sanskrit New Age Indian Restaurant, Folsom”
*(RSVP 148)but approx 160+ ppl attended the event on Mahaprasad day.
*70+student attended Ganpati Visarjan rally.

The event was very successful and even more grand than the previous year. Ganesh Utsav 2020 will definitely be a grand on-campus event hosted by Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University.

Hindu YUVA at UT Austin, 9/2/2019:

Hindu YUVA UT Austin celebrated Ganesh Utsav by praying to Lord Ganesha, doing aarti and prasadam distribution. This was followed by a talk from Ms. Niloofer Ji, who was the chief guest for the event. Niloofer Ji is the exponent of Vedanta and Sanskrit. She gave a talk on “Understanding Vedanta in daily life”. The Yuva’s had wonderful Indian dinner and talked on the cultural gap between India and the USA, and related practical topics with new incoming students.

Hindu YUVA at Purdue University, 9/1/2019:

Hindu YUVA Purdue celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with a talk on Ganitha Shastra followed by a clay Ganesha making workshop, finishing with a pooja and aarthi. Around 250 students participated in the event. Prof. Krishnamurthy Ramasubramaniyam graced the event as chief guest.

Hindu YUVA at San Jose State University, 9/8/2019:

Hindu YUVA at San Jose State University celebrated Suswagatham to introduce Hindu YUVA and welcome new students for the fall semester of 2019. We played a few games and presented a slide on university resources for students. Jaymin Kathiriya Ji was the speaker at the event who shared his experiences of student life.

Hindu YUVA at UT Dallas & UT Arlington, 8/17/2019:

Hindu YUVA at the University of Texas at Dallas and Hindu YUVA at the University of Texas at Arlington helped in turning the houses of 60+students into homes by collecting furniture from the local Hindu community and distributing it to students.

Hindu YUVA at Purdue University, 7/14/2019:

Hindu YUVA Purdue hosted India Day to explore new opportunities in India from the perspective of the goal of the 5 Trillion dollar economy and the new education policy. Shri. Sunil Ambekar Ji & Shri. Bharath Barai Ji were the chief guests at the event.