The Hindu civilization has an unbroken chain of several thousands of years of history, culture, and heritage. The Hindu thought is a knowledge base which has been collected since the ancient Vedic period, and is timeless and applicable to all of humanity. Despite its huge following, rich history, and numerous contributions to the human race, the Hindu way of life, or Dharma, is perhaps the least understood among the major religions today. 

Hindu Dharma provides a beacon of hope in today’s challenging and dynamic world situation. The great Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda came to Chicago as a representative of Hinduism at the World Parliament of Religions on September 11th, 1893. His famous speech carries more meaning and weight than ever before.

Young Hindu Americans carry a great deal of responsibility to share this culture, preserve its meaning, and practice its universal values as the inheritors of this way of life. Hindu YUVA derives its inspiration from this ancient knowledge and understands the mammoth task lying in front of the young Hindu Americans. Hindu YUVA aims to provide a platform to preserve, practice, promote, and protect Hindu Dharma by bringing together Hindu college students and young professionals across the United States.