Resume Critique Workshop in Sacramento, California – Fall 2019

Hindu YUVA at Sacramento State University, 11/24/19:

“Thirty-one seconds”- that’s how much time a recruiter spends on a resume review before deciding whether to put it in the yes or no stack. A professional resume has to hit a lot of marks, which can feel overwhelming for students. In order to shed some light on the complexities of a professional resume, we organized this Resume Critique Workshop.

The workshop was held at Cottonwood Suite in the Union Building at Sacramento State University on November 24th, 2019 from 11:00 am-1:30 pm. The chief guest was the Managing Director at Deloitte, Mr. Umesh Jadhav, and his former colleague, Mr. Rajkumar, who owns a tech consultancy company and is one of Deloitte’s consultants. Mr. Jadhav’s detailed guidelines included how to draft resume content and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression as well as industry expectations and guidelines for searching for a job.

After Mr. Jadhav’s detailed guidance, we proceeded to one on one sessions of the workshop, where Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rajkumar spent the remaining time meeting with students one by one to critique their resumes. These interesting one on one sessions were extended well past the official hours of the event, as Mr. Jadhav wanted to give quality time to each student for detailed feedback on their resumes. So, due to popular demand, we extended the event beyond the scheduled hours in the common student lounge just outside the event hall.

This was our first Hindu Yuva event at Sacramento State University after the chapter was established and was successful beyond our expectations.